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Default close the crib

...Iím aí cum clean Ďtil I spit out the dirty seed
the world I guess need to feel the sense of urgency
c/b power energy I generate for selfish reasons
will the u.s. recover? not so dam u.s., selfish heathens
my nigga declared once-and-for-all, harlemís not for sale
same day, wall street crash-and-burning, no opt to bail
itís on, aimed the amen at a whitehead, the poster said
get mine or get naked, we got hostages, close the crib
manson wanted to roast the pig, I still get messages
michael nutterís nut-ass wanted to welcome in tresspassers
so Iím nyc huh, they sure they wanted to go there with me
I just want the bingí now, everything Ďbout to be blown crispy
bush not breaking a sweat Ďtil this weekend, when Iím pounding bush
love keep my tower up, 302íd how Iíd come up
stacking pics of twelve columns, no time to play twelve possums
either you is or you ainít, Iím a lay hell on Ďem...
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