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Originally Posted by Mic Tyson View Post
i dont talk that much shit and i only started fuckin around wit u guys since i been on here this past week because u guys always do the same thing. i couldn't take u guys seriously no more because theres cats on here wit a bunch of accounts spammin and shit and cats asking the same questions u can find in an encyclopedia or a dictionary.

and comparing being able to create clones now to yacub is crazy. yacub was thousands of years ago, and if it did happen, i would think there would be some kind of archaelogical evidence or somethin like that. but there's none. at least some kind of writings or somethin still looking for oversized skulls with the name yacub engraved on the forehead at a graveyard with a tomb stone that reads here lies yacub....big headed muthafucka.....

the 85% know that it rain hail snow and also hear thunder above their heads but DO NOT TRY TO LEARN who is causing all this to happen by LETTING THE 5% TEACH THEM. they BELIEVE IN THE 10% ON FACE VALUE.

you people always ask for evidence and answers and when the evidence is presented and the answers are given you reject it.

you can either accept it or reject it, you've chosen to reject it many times, so why do you keep inquiring about something that you reject so often?
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