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Originally Posted by AK Spray View Post
Creepin' Thru the House, All I Heard Was The Moon Light,
Silence Was The Object, So Everything is Alright.
No Mask, Black Gloves, Match The Darkness in The Night,
My Grip's Nice, Nice Enough to Lay You Down, Sleep Tight.
Shhhh! What's The Sound I'm Hearin?
Rain Hit The RoofTop.
Gasps from Around The Corner,
Watch How My Tool Pop.
I Start Firin', But You Start Duckin',
Feathers In The Air, From the Pillows I Was Buckin.
The Trigger Goes Click, So That Means The Clips Empty.
I Gotta Drop The Gun Anyways, So, Time to Get Shifty.
My Heart Skips, The Phone Rings,
You Run To Pick It Up.
I Slammed The Receiver to Ya Head, Then Stuck You In The Gut, What!

Any feedback on that one? I think that's pretty sick. For 6:30 in the morning? No Sleep? shiiiiit.

Next Weapon: Kill Me With My Own Hands (interesting....)
haha. I THINK I KILLED IT. someone KILL ME!! WITH MY OWN HANDS!! That's a GREAT fucking opportunity to write some ILL shit.
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