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Default Re: 33 the Great?

Originally Posted by shadow_god
dude,seriously,shut the fuck up,you are seriously pushing it Mayoya,im telling you right now,get that dick outta your ass before you complicate shit,its very easy to make you lose your so called mod status that has got you all gassed up,dont start acting all stupid because you're down with cilvaringz on the internet,everyone been trying to end this corp vs chambermusik beef but you keep bringing that shit up,im sure Rza would love to know that cats like you from outta nowhere who have this bad illusion that they are down with wutang thru the internet love to stir up shit btween wu sites,son,you getting corny,get a life and quit acting all official,you aint,you dont know the history
Originally Posted by shadow_god
its also good to know Rza is being made aware about cats like you moderating this site or having anything to do with wu related buisness,because you dont seem to respect the fact that this is peoples careers you fucking with,keep up the corny shit boy,dont say i didnt warn you ,cause the real official cats is watching son..
Ohhhww scary!!!!!

Can you also PLEASE tell to The RZA that CILVARINGZ himself banned G-Clef from this forum?

And I don't have any illusion that I'm Wu-Tang or something. NOPE. I'm just loyal to this site. WTC/Jordi always respected me, so I respect WTC and the executives (RZA and RINGZ).

Chambermusik NEVER respected me. About a year ago I was rolling with CNO EVIL, yes I was... I told him that all moderators from WTC were talking bad about him (that was true). CNO thanked me for that cause he didnt know. All WTC moderators was like: ''FUCK YOU MARK! FOR ROLLIN WITH CNO.''
So, I was like: I dont even wanna chose a side. So, I joined Chambermusik when it came online. After two days, I was banned for no fucking reason and other forumcats told me G-Cleff or CNO edited my posts with all types of shit.


There was even a guy on this forum last week, called 'Mayoya', that was promoting Chambermusik in loads of topics. Fuck that shit.

The WTC executives told me to BAN and DELETE every/all chambermusik spam. But I'm not like that. I keep shit rollin and dont remove links to chambermusik. I'm not that childish. Im not even gonna ban YOU either. But maybe somebody else will ban you... I dunnow...

Conclusion: there is no fucking reason for me to respect chambermusik.

^And yes I want everybody to read that shit. It's not just ME who is 'against' Chambermusik. I was told to moderate the forum likes this.
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