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I never got this one, due to exams coming up....

1. IntroMental

Ok Gza is back with some new shit, he sounds nice and fresh unlike his last effort Grandmaster. He still has it in the lyrics department and it shows on this track. Guest spots include Masta Killa and Rza. Masta Killa comes in nice and smooth, we haven't heard from him in awhile nice verse though, Rza comes in on here and i must admit i'm nervous after hearing some of the stuff he was spitting on Digi Snax, but he does cool on here. His flow at first is kind of shakey but he comes through on this one... 3.5/5

This is a nice beat by True Master he came through on here, great to hear something from him again. Gza just delivers on this one straight up, He spitting ill shit on here, everything is on point about this joint, then he spits the supreme alphabet on here (I know people on here swear they know it but they don't). This is some good shit right here. 4.5/5

4.Groundbreaking (Feat. Justice Kareem)
This is another nice beat right here, Gza is sharp as usual but the guest spot on this one is none other than Gza's son Kareem Justice, he did good on his part, though I think he still needs practice, he sounds like he's mumbling on the mic. Overall this is solid. 4/5

5.7 Pounds
Another great one by Gza he just keeps bringing the heat as we go in the album. Beat is nice as hell, I wonder if people can keep up with his dartz on this one. Another solid track. 4/5

6.0% Finance
This track has the same beat from his "Legend Of The Liquid Sword" album on a track called "Stay In Line" which is a way better track I much say. On this one Gza keeps it going with his usual shit by rapping about a specific subject, now this time it's cars. This one right here is boring, he sounds dry and the story just lags, you're just waiting for this one to end, another thing is they could did better with the beat adjustment. 3/5

7.Short Race (Feat. Rock Marcy)
A nice story told by Gza on here, he sounds kind of dry on this one I must say, but he still comes through. Rock Marcy comes through on the hook and he spits some dartz of his own keeping you in-intuned on this one because Gza wasn't. 4/5


9.Paper Plates
I must say this i one of the driest Rza beats I've ever heard, this just has no energy in it, I can't believe he made this shit. The lyrics are there, Gza is kinda lacking the energy on here. (This is a 50 Cent Diss for all you dumbasses). I think this would've been way better with a more uptempo beat. I know Gza ain't really put no effort into this one but c'mon.These lyrics are too sharp to be wasted on this joint. 3.5/5

10.Colombian Ties (Feat. True Master)
This is a nice one right here to keep the album going strong. True master on the hook and gza spitting his detective style trap as usual. This is a solid one. 4/5

11.Firehouse (Feat. Ka)
This one is ok, Ka is nice on the mic, he has potential on here, Gza has little input on this one, nothing much I can really say. 3.5/5

12.Path of Destruction
Another great beat, but Gza is dry on here too. I can really get into the story on this one, and this one is kind of short aswell. I think this had more potential. 3.5/5

13.Cinema (Feat. Justice Kareem)
What The Fuck is this shit? Gza spitting his dectective raps again, but this time he's trying to whisper on this one, it's not good and the hook....LOL this one was a total miss,I Barely know what the kid is saying on here. Wack!. 1/5


15.Life is a Movie (Feat. Rza & Irfran khan)
This is another OK joint, Rza wack opening line, Gza comes through on this one nice, Beat is on point. It's OK. 3.5/5

16.Elastic Audio
Same thing as 1112, but Gza is dry...won't rate.

Beats - 3.5/5
Lyrics - 4/5
Overall - 3.5/5

This one is almost solid but it's just missing something. It's also pretty short. Gza came better this time than on his last effort I must say, Kareem Justice is ok on here, he still needs work. Beats were pretty good and Gza shows he still can bring it at his age, I feel there is something missing though. ****Overall 3.5/5****

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