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Ohsaes grasshopper

This crazy fool Ak Spray claimin' he can hear light!?
it's like me saying I can hear night!
Only difference is I don't lie,
in my residence every night babies crying,
and now I gotta listen to this sucka lyin!
Gonna find you while u sleep,
walking slow as I creep,
whipping out my lazer swoord *shwizz
sliced yo hands off, then I shoved em down your throat
you choked off and died,
while you was gone Barrack Obama won the vote,

no mo whack rhymes till you rotted ass raised from the dead
still stupid in the head so you tried typing with yo tongue,

I whipped out a grenade pulled the pin,
shoved it up yo ass,
and yo whack rhymes was done.

Next Weapon: Ewok

----Lyrical Warrior----
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