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Default Re: Must read: here is the truth! (I'm tired of bullshit)


June 9, 2005 - An Official Announcement from Chambermusik:
To All our fans, friends, and detractors respectively I have an important message:

Chambermusik.Com is not an official "Wu-Tang" site. It is an independent business, a community, a family, and an online home to some of us. We don't want our home desecrated nor disrespected. So, please, if you wish to stay a part of our online family, do not bring us any negativity or attempt to tarnish our good name.

Often times, we find it necesary to preclude members that we find to be offensive or abusive of the rules in some way, and this action inevitably ends in the person "hating" our site, or members of our staff, etc and so forth. We assure you all we are not looking to make enemies, but we do have ground rules and expect them to be respected by those who wish to enjoy this great community we have created. It is one of the only online communities where the artists are treated with dignity and as a result, often interract with the fans. We wish to keep it that way, and in fact enable it to grow.

As a result, we will now announce the return of the official site of the Wu-Tang Clan,, which is already listed in our links area, as being back online. We urge you all to support them, as they are the official "band site" for Wu-Tang Clan. We do not see ourselves in any direct "competition" or "war" with them, as many of the fans and members have sought to make it seem. We congratulate Cilvaringz, 36 Chambers, and company for getting the site back online, and offer our support if and whereever needed.

As we have formally announced this news to all our members, it is not necessary for anyone to post it or start new threads or yes, they will be deleted. Anyone from this point on who posts about supposed "beef" between the sites will be warned, and then banned from because we simply want nothing at all to do with this type of negative energy that some people cannot seem to resist in initiating. Our policy toward members who break this rule will be strictly enforced. We are all here for a common reason, so let's start a new chapter in the spirit of unity and positivity.

We urge all fans of the great music both sites represent to strive for positivity, respect for the artists and enjoyment wherever possible. To quote another great artist, and my mentor, the late Weldon Irvine, "Music is the Key."


G.'.Clef, C.E.O., Chambermusik.Com
I can only say: 'Thanks!' Really, I like that shit G-Clef. Really.

But I can't ignore what the executives from wutangcorp told me...

Everybody sees what's the problem is????????? What MY problem is...
Wu-Tang Corp Admin Mark Mayoya

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