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rsymyn grasshopper

inglorious , warriors
scheming on a world war 3 map
so we can not know where to hide
when they're about to be ignoring us
up front with the cowards and the brainwashed and the
plain clothed and the innocent civilians
oh wait , lets get it on film then
make a movie of what it would be like
if we actually killed them , still then
yet developed a better way
to distribute the penicillin and the iller that it gets
the quicker we get sent to fill in
absent minds with pencils gripped to stitch in
lines for the extras and the pressure of not mentioning to them where the script ends
oh yea and this is just a vague resemblance of the sketch artist being me ,
that forgot purpose and settled down the thrilling of seeing our beloved target be a villain and belittled on screen
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