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Default Hope starved

I won't stand to fight
This every single day
I am giving my shade

Sleep on ice caked rocks
Smile with bloody teeth
The sinking ship is floating out of reach

This is much too strong
The double edge splits my head
Life is much too wrong, as is death

I'll never reach the sky
My feet can't seem to touch the ground
Dying in disguise of painless sound

I never should have been
The walking curse was born
to spend its time in eyes of its storms

Now I can't feel the point
in living as forbidden weeds
Every dirty glove grasps at me

And who would want this mind
Who could bare to try to change
The truth bound tight in concrete chains

Comfort me with trash
Drown me in your foulest stream
Let the blue moons pass, still here i'll be

For me, i never asked
Now why would I ever want
Pictures without backs and without fronts

I've lost all touch of me
Hopes not to be seen
My world druels in hunger, as i bleed
The dealer of hope is selling me lies
Reasons to live are reasons to die, in disguise
This life was never mine, the rivers never ran
Cross your arms, its too late for helping hands
Spit your pity elsewhere, there's no sympathy needed
For one who's never alive, for one who's never completed (Bigot Hitman)
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