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Originally Posted by 100pr00f View Post
Life Gamble - (i'd consider this one a rare SB movie, i've never seen a good copy so can't wait to watch it)

i got this...a good version too

iwish i got this channel ..i i have comcast.....
lol, for once i'm happy to have cablevision over comcast!!! I'm usually pissed that I don't have the nfl network since thats a comcast thing.

When i was really collecting movies back in 98-01, i don't think a good quality version existed yet lol. DVDs were not going strong like they are now, if they were even being released at all on dvd. I started collecting again now that most things have been re-released and remastered etc. I need a good copy of house of traps and legend of a fox too, which i'm pretty sure is available nowadays. Eventually i'll get around to ordering it. Still have 10-15 unopened dvds at home to watch so I probably won't order new movies anytime too soon.
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