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Originally Posted by portis24 View Post
the only reason pacman was PARTIALLY reinstated was because of jerry jones you know that and i know that any other team and the comish would have waited until the season started to reinstate him and btw if i'm not mistaken wasn't tank johnson's suspension lifted early also? i believe it was face you pull for a dirty team but you already knew that
Lmao, seriously, do you really think Goodell would reinstate Adam Jones way too early because Jerry Jones? Don't you think people would have talked about Adam Jones being reinstated too early? I sure never heard any peep of controversy about that and Johnson:

On May 16, Johnson met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to determine punishment for his off-the-field transgressions, with Goodell eventually imposing an eight-game suspension, with the possibility of a reduction to six games if Johnson followed certain requirements. On June 25, after another run in with the law, the Chicago Bears waived Johnson, ending his three-year tenure with the team. After being waived, Johnson has stated that he still wishes to play in the NFL, although if signed by another team he would have to serve the same eight game suspension he was given when he was with the Bears.

After being released from the Bears, Jerry Jones showed interest in signing Johnson. The two shortly came to terms, though Johnson was forced to miss several games on account of his suspension. He returned to the field on November 11, during a game against the New York Giants. In the game, Johnson recorded three solo tackles, and a single sack.

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