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Originally Posted by bob99digi View Post
anyone have the kung fu HD channel from their cable provider? Well I do, just want to let u guys know they've been playing lots of shaws brothers movies all the sudden. Good ones too, some classics and some that i would say are a little more rare. The picture quality is great, most of them have been shown dubbed in english. Heres a list of what i can remember being played....forgive me if i'm screwing up titles some have too many aka's lol, 100proof feel free to correct my titles.

Five Element Ninjas (aka Chinese Superninjas)
Water Margin
Men from the Monastery
Shaolin Temple (pretty sure this is death chamber
Shaolin Martial Arts
Marco Polo (aka 4 Assasins - pretty sure they showed this one)
One Armed Swordsman
Shaolin Abbot
Shaolin Mantis
Shaolin Handlock
Duel of Fists
Heroes Two
Heroic Ones (might not be a shaw)
All Men are Brothers - Blood of a Leopard
Brave Archer 1
Brave Archer 2
Brave Archer 3
Invincible Shaolin
Kid with the Golden Arm
Chinatown Kid
Life Gamble - (i'd consider this one a rare SB movie, i've never seen a good copy so can't wait to watch it)

Some non shaw movies that i think are good that they've been playing...

iron monkey 2
wing chun
tiger cage 1
tiger cage 2
tiger on beat (chow yun fat movie)
Project A
Project A 2

lol, did all this for nothing, heres an even better link to a story telling about how this channel is premiering 60 uncut remastered shaws movies.

If you can record some of those via a dvd-r. Life gamble was rare before the Celestial IVL came out in HK. IT is scheduled to come out in the USA this year. House of Traps just came out and it was eng dubbed, which is even more rare.
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