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Now I gotta kill TWO motherfuckers At Once.
I Dropped the Hottest Shit in The Thread,
And Nobody Replied for Almost a Month.
And now, What We Got Here?
Y'all Think you Can Test.
Well, I'll Bubble the Forms For You, after I Fumigate Your Chest.
Now, Idiots thinkin, How you do that?
It's Quite Simplistic.
The Shotty Barrel Leaks Smoke, After a Couple Licks Hit.
So, While It's SMokin, I Put It On Ya Mouth like Lipstick.
I Slide with the Quick Shit.
I'm a Master of Linguistics.
So when I recite My Alphabet, In Greek,
You're Sure to Feel It.
You'se a Αγόρι της αδύνατης μητέρας,
Piddussy, You Never Get Near It.
I'm Here For Beef, All I Want is a Flame-Broiled Whopper.
My signal's low, and yo voice is slow,
So Ima Hit You with My Sirius Box to Fuckin Stop Ya..

Not my best. At all. But, hey... I'm drrrrrrrrunk. Right?
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