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Originally Posted by J.T.S. View Post
Amped power electrical flow shower
Lasted 2 hours bolts struck cowards
Hardheads pushing up flowers
Roses, and daises..Rosemary's babies
blades removed bee stingers
In my ear drums the buzzes linger
Other hand in a power-u
My crews unity's powerful

You lift weights while i do pushup's on two fingers
Univerally deep- minded ruckus bringer
Mc's i coochie pop your pretty drops fit for a beauty shop
Or salon unworthy to challenge with a foundation unbalanced
All i do is train, and meditate like monks from Shaolin
Growling when i don't win..every battles a thin line
Telling women instead of spending money let's spend time
Take off your reebox walk on the coals very hot
Scream i'll knock the dome followed by the cheap shot
Lemme leap god, into deep fog, rifle seek marks, target each shot...
numerous parks, humerous plots, I learned of, but get burned son...
Cuz im intelligent, bust relevant, toungue eloquent, brush, delicate...
My flow treated nicely, so it deliver hellish, dent, careers of those rebellin kids..
yo man.. I sit here tellin men, wucorp aint to be fucked with, and they fell again..
Ima mastah @ mults, cast cults into wilderness.. we the only, cease ya homie..
children been, taught, now-as-grown men, behold, 10, cypha cheifs, ya life been ceased..
My hype unique..make u write to beats..fight, bleed, delighted, now i be stryken..

Last Word Cypha /

Now AtotheC
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