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Its Big Lu baby shaolin monk

excactly they are 4-0 against pretty sorry teams...
their d might be strong but they are not contenders in the long run

they now face a baltimore team that is stronger then previous years and will most likely fall to them
next is the chiefs... another easy win
indy... no way they will compete against indy... indy is a slow starter but will become a powerhouse the following 2 weeks. manning, p didnt play in the pre season so these past few games are kind of his pre season
Packers. they will be no match to the packers ... rodgers little shoulder injury isnt gonna stop him from throwing deep and collins and white dont have the power to score as much as the packers
Chicago is looking nice... just beat the eagles... theyll beat the titans as will jacksonville the following week (the jaguars are not going to let the titans beat them twice in one season specially at home)
Jets. Favre 6 TD's tonight... jets are finally looking nice
detroit and then cleaveland both easy wins
then houston pittsburg and the colts...houston could win at home and will probably win... maybe not
so tennesse fans are looking at 8-8 or 9-7

a team in the afc with that record probably will not make the playoffs
but hey im no analyst just a motherfucker bored at 4 am

titan fans dont get ur hopes up
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