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my LEAFS pretty much did shit all during the trades. stupid bob barker gm picked up some no namers and traded away the last of the real enforcers from the leafs (kilger and belak went to florida, 2 of the toughest guys on the team) hell, even mccabe is gone now and even he fought sometimes. so we got no fighters, no fucken captain........wen is sundin gunna make a decision who knows?......and a bunch of rookies.

im pretty much set to see myself seein the leafs not make the playoffs again this year, as i have already seen it too many times being a Die Hard....yes DIE HARD leafs fan as well as hockey fan for as long as i could walk. but of course every canadians like that

i really hope my leafs can do something to suprise me and maybe make the playoffs....

well see

fingers crossed
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