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Default Landscape escape

Old dried river beds, hollowed out trunks
stretched leathery skin laces stained bones
Skies go unseen, just blackness in different tones
Holes with measurable depths of no means
Forgotten colors of blues and greens
Fires run free fueled by the evidence of death
Which are ready to spread stronger, with a wrong step
All in a ongoing sequence, long kept secret
By a face in distress, words can't express the pain
As he searches ashes for hope, he collects in shame
Denial, a tactic used to protect the brain
Just gave time for the archer to perfect his aim
And now the clout is unwrapped, exposed to shots
That go as punishment to who that gave what he got
The strikes didn't leave him bloody, but internal scars
That burn non stop as every day they're recharged
At the sights of what's wanted, whats needed
To make the ill-defeated captive, feel completed
As his, will fades away and the flowers grow old
TIme becomes a constant pressure, the hours don't fold
He looses feelings quickly, from a power so cold
It freezes tropics swiftly, with a strength to mislead
the bold to points where their lives become dispensable
ENding it all, in a last fall, becomes so sensible
Love starved from lack of contact to feed off
The stranded beings were found and lost by these thoughts
Much more sicker than a wheeze with a weak cough
Decapitating breezes left the tops of the trees caught
In a self-defeating cycle, disconnecting mind from soul
Flying in never evers, and cant's, trying to find a though
The dealer of hope is selling me lies
Reasons to live are reasons to die, in disguise
This life was never mine, the rivers never ran
Cross your arms, its too late for helping hands
Spit your pity elsewhere, there's no sympathy needed
For one who's never alive, for one who's never completed (Bigot Hitman)
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