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Default Who am I?

So its built a bridge
Between two lands i cannot roam
And its patched a fence
That keeps me from me
Reflections can't show who i am
I've been kept from me by sicknesses
I've been kept from me by nature
Loneliness lead me lost
Being found by people, kept me lost
Now I need that train
Tie me to those tracks tight
I won't attempt escape
I'll be bound by skewed vision
Fish don't swim in loose dirt
Worms don't dig in deep water
Counting wooden rings won't tell
It won't tell how long i've grown ill
Now I play with my mistakes as
I cry with my mistakes
I tie knots with what unties
I grow fodder with what i've burned
I melt glaciers with what freezes
In hellos I wave good bye
But to who I am one day i'll say
Hello....with no goodbye
The dealer of hope is selling me lies
Reasons to live are reasons to die, in disguise
This life was never mine, the rivers never ran
Cross your arms, its too late for helping hands
Spit your pity elsewhere, there's no sympathy needed
For one who's never alive, for one who's never completed (Bigot Hitman)
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