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I guess I'm in the minority here. But, it's more based off of loyality than anything else. I went on ahead and copped Live. Reason being is I've had ever EA Sports Basketball game since Jordan Vs. Bird and like they say, sometimes change is hard.

I never in my considered making the switch from Live to 2k, but I almost did this year just based off the census on every website I go to that states 2k sh*ts on live as well as being extremely dissappointed in last years installment but I stayed loyal. Kinda like how we all do with the Clan. Anyways, the game is pretty ill too me and it's not as arcade like as it once was in the past. It's more of a half court game and not a up and down dunkfest that it's been in previous years. Plus, with alot of added features, it's the best Live I've ever encountered. I'm happy with it.

Here are my problems with it if I need to be critic for a second.

1. Automatic Replays are choppy and have serious lag issues. I hope they slide us an update for that (PS3 version)
2. Allan Houston is invisible. Yes, I said INVISIBLE. He's in the game as a free agent, I put him on the knicks and he's invisible. Like, you can't see him, lol. So when you take a shot with him or do anything, the balls just looks like it's moving itself. It's extremely hilarious, but not funny when it's time to get down for the get down for real.

3. No tip dunks or maybe, I just haven't been able to do or see one yet?

4. No hop step, they took it out the game for whatever reason I don't know.

That's it so far, I'll report back later after I play some more.
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