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from what i know theres no retail version of any instrumental classic wu album (i mean theres a bootleg versions of ironman, pillage, uncontroled substance, liquid swords, enter, forever, tical200.........). most of it was released on vinyl first for dj use, and there were all unofficial.......

then some of them pop off as cd-r. lately chambermusic (or dreddy?) put cuban linx and ironman instrumentals as mixtape/compilation (idk how to call it) but its still not an official retail instrumental album.................

i was talking about how rare this shit iz, not how much it cost (i wasnt say its cheap). i buy tical 2000 instrumentals (14 tracks) for about 10$ on vinyl. it was white label without cover. and if i can buy it in small euro country for 10$ it cant be for 100$ in america + plus im pretty sure there were a few different pressings of that vinyl (i see few different vinyl covers for it) so as usual when they made few imprints it cant be that high man.

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