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Prophet Picasso crouching tiger

My rhymes baffle deep cats that like Scrabble/
my life’s raveled in empires that strike Babel/
wit a spiked paddle, I’m the judge wit a mic gavel/
I sentence you to predicate this trite babble/
fight battles, I spit marble while you bite gravel/
ya life’s fragile, gimme a mic and I’m quite agile/
behold a pale horse, I straddle a white saddle/
smash yo atoms wit a ax out my knight satchel/
I time travel back to pre-date any carbon copy/
bang work out my jalopy, so the car been rocky/
catch me in Philly, on the hill, I’m carvin Rocky/
I been hard as rocks be since Mars been rocky/
the same vein as Wayne, I’m a martian, probly/
outer space before you copped yo Carter copy/
I’m smart and cocky, sure as Cartman’s stocky/
my apartment’s sloppy, I’m sparkin poppies/
that’s opiate slang, my lingo’s dope in ya brain/
if you gon bang, aim for the appropriate vein/
carotid art straight to the head from the heart/
before I bless you I give ya vessels a head start/
I wrestle wit fed narcs, nestle wit dead sharks/
in a deep sleep, I’ll still test you like red marks/
since you bored you get fed darts from a blowgun/
you know no one who glow like the flow shogun/
you got dro? Blow one, you got blow? Stove some/
then hit the cold slum where I just drove from/
by the Cove, you got no stones, then grow some/
my words are vile but my style, it’s wholesome...
Image is everything except the truth.
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