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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread ( Please Sticky )

an old favorite:

\\\::~ ABSENCE OF LIGHT ~::///

as passionless activists write, fascists recite in the absence of light
askin’ for christ in the blackness of night... bastards panic in fright with ravenous spite
imagine the sight as the vatican fights our rationless practice of rights
pacifist knights attackin’ the dragons of plight for fractions of life
with hazardous might, savages brandish a knife and vanish from sight
banished’em twice; fiends hackin’ with hatchets of ice; wreak havoc, ravagin’ mics
witness the precision of four; spirits were maliciously torn by the contradictin’ intentions of lords
the vicious inflictions of war; politicians christened with horns
violently written compositions of gore, driven by swords
divisive religions were born, your malignant intuition forlorn; rivet critical conditions of storms
prolific visions forewarned your exquisite depictions of horror
crucifixions with thorns, crimson liquids beginnin’ to pour
i invented the pain that wrenches your brain; injected the bane
those contendin’ my reign feigned misdirected peasants in chains; i’m rendered insane
aggressive descendants of rage were sentenced to graves imbedded in flames
horrendous rains reddened the plains, as effervescent legends were slain
you’ll forever treasure the shame, surrender you vein; ancient weapons and lesson were gained
a treacherous fame... send in the brethren of armageddon in vain

Copyright © 2002 Psykosus, The Soulless Survivalist

Those who have something to fall back on, always do.
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