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Long time no post Ö

New life same game, false witness to the change
claiming to abstain yet still addicted to the pain
but I wonít complain Ö
cast my weigh on unbalanced scales
the windows to the soul control the motives of this tale
they sent Judas to post my bail, a one-way ticket to hell
silenced so many Lambs my spirit started wail
injustice prevails Ö
soon the darkness consumes the light
now Iím forced to bear the cross of a self-righteous plight
with no end in sight, I step off into the abyss
betrayed by the masked bliss of loveís succulent kiss
a seductive hiss Ö
the trademark of a true serpent
speaking the forbidden language only heat can interpret
true likeness revealed with the shedding of outer skin
unearthed the black heart that was buried within
the beginning and end Ö
forced bondage from the first man
unbreakable curse to the earth from an extension of Adamís hand

goodnight Ö

I sew...
beautiful seeds that sprout flowers thatís deeply rooted
your weak style-diluted with concepts thatís so polluted
my words flourish, creating jewels the conscious will cherish ...

-- Dae Ja Nae

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