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Prince Rai
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ok ill do this, why not...

Name: Asim Rai
Age: 21, born february 1987
birthplace: London, YouKay
Quick Stats: Black Hair, Dark Brown Eyes, Built Physique, 5.6ish, carrying a little holiday weight

Where I be and was: I grew up in Frankfurt (Germany), but when I was 14 I moved to native London. I lived in Deutschland because my dad is and will always stay there. Now I am here with my mother and brother who in fact is called "KingKazim" and recently joined the corp.

Education: Just graduated from Brunel Law School in London and doing an Investment Management Certificate at the moment.
I also educate myself on street knowledge and world knowledge casually cos i wanna know THE ledge.

Hobbies: I love the gym, love boxing and soccer and also reading..yes yes

Fav Film: Braveheart followed closely by Godfather 1,2,3

Colours: Blue and green

Book: Autobiography of Malcolm X, Art of War, The Republic

Fav City: Virginia Beach USA

Food: Meat (Chicken esp)

Hates: Ignorance, People who are tooo emotional, whinging

Loves: My Ipod Touch, my laptop, this forum, Arsenal FC, Floyd Mayweather Jr (no homo), watches, Dr.Pepper

Embarassed of: My big feet, but you know what they say about guys with big feet right right??!?

Favourite Non-Hip-Hop Album: Californication

my first ever sig when I came to the corp, so old i even forgot who made it for me, infinity props for the dude who did tho...

anyway this is me

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