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The idea of Heaven and Hell is borrowed from another religion and only taught in the last 30% of the Bible!

In fact, the concept of both heaven and hell didnít even exist in most of the Bible period. It started becoming part of the Bible in the last third of it. While it is vague whether the concept of an afterlife with God was part of the Jewish scriptures, the concept of a hell for sinners was definitely not part of the Jewish tradition. It evolved into the Bible, beginning with the time of Daniel. At that time, the Jews were living in captivity of the Persians, who had a religion called Zoroastrianism. Zoroastrianism is known by religious historians as the first religion to have a concept of heaven and hell. Do you see the connection now? The Bible originally didnít have such a concept UNTIL the Jews met with followers of Zoroastrianism, which did have the concept. That means the concept was ADOPTED FROM ANOTHER RELIGION!


Heaven and hell
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