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Default Re: Masta Genius Vs Hollywoodrealty, 1 Verse Of Venom

here it goes one verse of deadly venom

Here I stand...the king of the the battlefield reinstated/
To Hollywood reality, Im a lyrical dioces simply tupacs ghost reincarnated/
Crush your rhymes leave you in the dirt with your face elacerated/
Its not my fault peeps cant match my lyrical dexterity/
Da Bucha, between you and me there is no similarity/
MC Midas is is horrible like you as it would seem/
So is that you in your sig. cracker? time to come clean/
You put work in your rhymes? Why such simplicity?/
Could never measure up to my rhyming stature I have mad elacetisity/
Also u could never measure to me cuz of my impetuous verbal ability/
One verse of deadly venom psh, this could be a deadly song/
Checkmate mutha fucka! I jus stole your last pawn/

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