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Originally Posted by WolfMan
Aight people, here's Knuckles attack at Jordi. Enjoy!

yo Jordi you faggot mothafucka, comunist asshole what da fuck is this Jordicorp or Wutangcorp?! is this faggot latino singin wack shit official website or Wu Tang Clan official website?! fuck you for banning all the WTW members and many other good MCs you wack mothafucka! Who da fuck do you think you are?! you look like a retarded version of Enrique fucking Iglesias, faggot, it's because of you this forum is full of wack ponytail faggot mothafucka!!! I heard it was real dope 2 years ago but ever since you started bannin shit, you nazi mothafucka it's all full of wack faggots. Fuck you! faggot

Not the biggest vocabulary, but damn it, it was hilarious when it happened!!
AHH!!! the good ol dayz....
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You jealous because i'm not nice to hoes like you are?
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Don't be complaining to me when your bitch plays your ass and takes your money.

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