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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread ( Please Sticky )

Peace all,

this is my first time submitting my thoughts on-line so any feedback would be cool.

"You Already Know"

Who am I?...I am that thing that existed
since before the beginning.
Fuck a Big Bang Theory, clearly I brought
myself into manifestation as the creation
of the dead and the living.
This is no metaphor nor riddle, just a simple
question, a quest for the truth to see if you
knew, Who am I?...Well it's kinda hard to
explain. See I take on many forms,
some complex others plane. No name just
mostly descriptions, written in twisted up
scriptures. Stolen from princes over centuries
who built pyramids in Egypt for me.
Still my story goes untold in this cold world.
I'm often forgotten, the rotten and dying
Who am I?...The gift and the curse, the better
of the best, the less of the worst. The hunger
and thirst felt by evey kid in every project,
the object of satisfaction. Reason you be asking me
to have shit and you ain't never answer my question,
Who am I?...You don't even know me still you wanna
control me and flaunt me on some phoney
paper me and call it money. For sure that's not me.
Another form of trickery to slave me. They wanna
slay me, they hate me cuz i got nothing but love but,
Who am I?...I am the inside and outside of everything,
literally living invisibly for eternity. I am something to
feel deep in your heart, yet nothing. But if you turn
the lights off you can see me in the dark. I hear what
you say, and speak when you talk.
I am reality. Given the name God. Even with all that
said I'm still scared most don't know Who I Am!

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