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Originally Posted by ChristO View Post
...yeah, I wanted the basil green, not basil to face a stream
of lead poison, shot 13X? is that what I mean
last night, the 11th hour, into the morning
heard bul didnít make it, my neighbor is mourning
all in front of my house with clips, phillies all-out for it
real bloodís still in the street, I just walked around the ish
shii, where my killers at, dig me? Iím bound to hit
suhím when my amen/aimingís right, no doubt that the world is mine
itís simply because I know where lucy hides
be on jacubís ass like shit Ďtil the day I die
no fear about it, just following the shit up
30 nickels? hemmed up when the snub hiccup... [world series, esau/isa]...
...yeah, well, it was in the newspaper that bul basil [r.i.p.] suffered four shots to his chest/torso area. my neighbor told me it was 13 shots fired at the bul altogether. man, I ainít even goní get into it, all in front of me and nextdoor neighborís houses. my neighbor washing and scooping blood and pieces of dude off her porch and from her sidewalk and the middle of the street. I know what it is, just as I wrote it...yeah, so I want the bing...
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