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...yeah, ahight, the bul diggy? here go, I'll break it down again...
...where I get my information from? where I learn what I know from...
...see, naw, I'm not a scholar, I just ain't much of a follower...I see it in the air I breathe what people is swallowing...
...mic checked 12.12...when they supposed to had calculated the date of the end of the world, from the mayan calendar, is 12.12 or December of 2012. shii, why not ask me what's with all the mexicans [mayans] on the grounds all-of-a-sudden.
also, I'm saying, that I'm a' slaughter the mic. the emcees don't know what they mean when they say that. it's a contract on michael the archangel's head, by say the sadism, or say the mic done did it to himself. how christ put it to simon peter...yeah, I'm zig-zagging, so it look like...
...shii, I be thinking cats wanna' try to test me, they come at me like they don't understand suh'm. look, don't take this shit for granted, that I'm even participating with the public. be careful how you approach questioning born knowledge. don't know what I'm saying, honest enough I guess. some got the patience. others not worth saving...too many on some real selfish shit, so...

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