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Where do I begin? I was highly disappointed in this. I didn't listen to it all the way through because I associate Wu material with having long play value, meaning I should be able to listen to that from beginning to end, even if I start from a track other than track 1. The freestyle beat selection was ridiculously wack and out-dated. Now when I heard the swarm, my favourite tracks were the ones from the killah beez I ain't never heard of. Not to take anything away from the nine generals and the more familiar killah beez, but aig, ruthless bastards, black knights, north star and the beggaz tracks had a next level wu-tang sound in my eyes. A sound that the nine gods needed to adopt if they hadn't already. Now to turn around and make the same mistake the born 7s did, try to sound mainstream, is the end of your career. Dragonfly, if you reading this, go back to what inspired you to make on the strength. Forget the west coast killah beez sound and the pop sound. I Can't Wait? Clap Back? Really? I mean I like I can't wait, but the only one in wu that should touch that is meth, at the very least ghost. And I don't care what nobody says, clap back is wack, which is why it never brought back ja rule's career. if ur gonna do a mixtape, use wu beats from shit that came out that never got any attention. Get some beats from the world according to rza or birth of a prince (not we pop) and use those for the mixtapes or hit up some of the wu-elements. Shit, Allah Math done dropped a beat CD with used and unused beats. Eat those up.

Holy fuck, you guys wearing the "W" ALL OF YOU RZA on down don't even know what the fuck it means anymore. You guys have lost touch and need to regroup, ALL OF YOU, Figure out what wu-tang is again and get back on a 5 year plan, but add into the plan a time period to plan the extension into the next 5 years after that. That's what made your careers work in the first place. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Allah Damn it, man. If there's ever a time to come back it's now. Do it for dirty & Too Poetic. & DLAH & U-God's Seed & General Wise & Allah The Father & the rest of the brothers (& sisters) who ain't here.
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