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Default m.a.r.

...she began to speak to me on september first
an interception, I was directing my rap to her
sibling rival who survived the 9.11
but she was at where she was meant to
speaking of a merger, romance and sex contrasting war
stiff in her raw, cummin clean and pressing on
shitís like about what the streets been looking for
as if she sirius for real about this bul...
...donít mind me, Iím just a lonesome nigga
damage already done, canít hone-in on my business
she accommodate me and can hardly hate me
Iím stronger when Iím up underneath her waist
tree up like when x-mas here, the gift that kept giving
Iím jahí, smoked out and born stoned to end the fibbing
who kept a soiled body underneath a rock
I just want my peter hard as a rock in her cock
any adjustments are just to free my time up
Iím building the church on s.p., where yíall prime chuck
the pilgrims ainít give you the hint yíall timeís up?
my wedding to the church happening now, now what
the women wannaí reach, used to say Iím a mommaí boy?
prove that shit, Ďcause when I repí now Iím your boy?
itís been plain all my life what s.p. called me out as
Iím still one swinging dick with a fit pair of gonads
fighting my way outtaí the skin they put me in
finding a way outtaí the shit they doo-dooíing...
...and what I give as input computes to girl
donít have any doubt how I run through them girls...

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