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Default two masters

lemmeí tell you...I tackled and slam-danced on satan
looked in the mirror, I was esau, the same hate Iím hating
hands dirty, wasted, my twin a bit shaken
the snake that grabbed at my heel as a baby
being born out of the same womb, and out of it came two
they said I ainít have common sense and was lame too
...but ever since, I been container of the heat
walking the streets, me trying to catch up to me
thatís my life story for real for real, the pride and glory
was not for me, who out to find my bones in storage
I was burned to ashes...they think Iím like molasses
slow and they thought it was sweet, Ďtil being laid to pasture
like Iím being made to answer for othersí actions?
shii, they better find a pastor, they donít know what Iím after
itís more than a lunar eclipse, I thought out the lunatic about me
as Godís mercy is real, never doubt it
yeah, Iím here, so if you doubted, peek-a-boo, bitches
what is two masters, twin, but me and you, nigga
going at it from the womb, just a habit I assume
to think of death on aí non-stop basis Ďtil the tomb
grace is for the food, and prey just got ate-up and consumed
them lost angels faced with they doom, pray Iím just a fool
Ďcause what I say scaring the living daylights outtaí many
yeah, obama won, see, the 5th is not a plaything... word is my word, it ainít changing up
not a tresspass got any transpass, Iím rearranging youíz...
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