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Lightbulb This is what you get for STEALING someones Cell Phone... CLASSIC SHIT!

I found this somewhere on the net, now its everywhere so i thought id post it up here. Its hilarious...

It starts off as some guy from Long Island posts on a local forum that his cell phone got stolen

My cell phone got stolen some time last week.... i just noticed it missing the other day and called up and had it turned off....
then it gets good...

well im sitting around today tooling around on the computer and decided to go on my picture mail and see if pics have been sent.... whenever u send a pic to an email address it automatically saves a copy on my sprint website and records the email address..... so guess what i find....
yup, the person who stole the guys cell phone has been taking pictures of himself and emailing them to his email address, stupid eh? here are his pics and his ugly ass girlfriend...

^^^bet he regrets those now eh?

AND, the thief also makes a home porno with him and his girl, this is all over the net. But u cant see shit. So... by now the guy who got his phone stolen knows what this person looks like, and now he knows his email address and name so he sent him and email saying...

Like to steal cell phones and use them to take pics of yourself and make videos.... HA! guess what pal... i have every pic you took and the videos.... I will be plastering the town with pics of your face, that %!$#*& face and the childs face.... wow thieves really are dumb.... good day pal

oh yeah by the way.... the phone is now just a paperweight and can never be used again...
revenge! but you thought this guy couldnt get more stupid, he emails the guy back...

tut tut, silly boy.

the person who got his phone robbed has filed a report with the police and is set to go 2 a small claims court to get justice, but i think justice has been served already! thousands of people all over the world have been emailing this guy.

people have been hittin his myspace up too:

plus, this guy and his ugly girl has been photoshopped 2 hell, check some out...

the girl...


Theres hundreds of photoshop pics here at some board:

Theres a lesson here kids, if your going to steal someones cell phone, DONT take pics of yourself and email them to people!

Classic shit.


BIG L Rest In Peace
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