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I said i was going to wait but I think I've had enough listens....

1. Intro

2.That's a Fact
Ok this is the opening track. The beat is pretty strong on here and Dom Pachino just raps on it. Lyrics aren't all that great on here, But they are good enough to keep the song on. Pretty solid so I won't drag this paragraph any longer. 4/5

3.Shot U Down
The beat on here by Falling Down is the best part about this song. Even though this sample has been used a couple times, I like what FD did with it especially the hook. Lyrically Dom Pachino isn't good enough, especially the second verse, the quality of his lyrics just dropped. If your into beats you'll bump this one. 4/5

4.Cripple U (Feat. Live Brim & 9th Prince)
I'm mad disappointed with this joint right here. This is the 2nd reason I bought the album because of the 9th Prince guest spot on here. The Hook is weak, Dom Pachino's verse is mediocre. Live Brim came pretty good on the mic I'll give him his due. 9th Prince's verse was just wack. I definitely wasn't expecting that from him he sounds all over the place and some of the lines are bad "I'm all about Cash Money Like Lil' Wayne" the funny thing about that line is he just dissed that nigga in an interview. Overall This was a wack joint. 2.5/5

5.War Sindrome
I thought this was gonna be pretty good but what's up with the pauses in the beat? This one sounded serious for a min. but That just kills it for me on this one. On top of that this is nothing special lyrically. I won't drag this one either. 3/5

6.Dig Down (Skit)

7.Without Sticthes
I peeped the sample on here. This is a dry track though. I can't get through this one. Dom Pachino drops his drug history on this one. The hook is weak on here, this could've been a way better joint. 2.5/5

8.Duck Tape (Feat. Islord)
Islord is the best part about this track. His style just instantly grabs you. Good to hear from him on this one. They both could've came better on the mic though and on top of that this is a short track, only 2:00. They could've went in some more on here. 3.5/5

9.Paper Paper
You can tell by the hook that this is going to be a mediocre track. This is another one of them joints that had some good potential to it. I'm not dragging this one out either. 3/5

10.Uglyist Flow
This is a banger especially in the whip at night. The beat is raw just perfect for the night. This is another one of them joints where you can't really pay attention to the lyrics because they aren't that great, especially the last one. The hook is pretty catchy on here and it has a great sound to it. Pretty solid. 4/5

11.All Right (Skit)

This is another instant skip joint. This is too dry to play through the whole thing. If you do listen to this whole joint, it's another one of the street cuts on here. There is nothing about this track to keep you tuned it unfortunately. 2.5/5

13.Can't Find It
This one is ok. "I Bring the pain like Method in his Old Days" LOL that says alot.Dom Pachino is actually ok on this one, kind of slow but good. I keep this one short. 3.5/5

14.Loving U
Of course you gotta have your one female track on the album. Most will probably skip, nothing too special about this one, and they got the chimpmunks on the hook. Better luck next time. 2.5/5

15.Fuk Critic's
That's what Dom Pachino and his boys will probably be saying about me after they read this interview LOL. I could write a whole page about this song, but I'm not even going to do that right now. Just know that I've been pressing skip for the most part. Anyways this an ok track, better than most of the other tracks on here. Fuck a Critic. 3.5/5

16.1st Come 1st Serve (Feta. Shyheim & Crunch Lo)
I'm feeling this one right here, some serious street shit. Dom Pachino delivers a pretty good verse on here although the hook is lacking. Shyheim is raw with his story telling on here, great to hear from him again, and I've always been a fan of Crunch Lo he definitely came through on here. A pretty solid track. 4/5

17.Can't Stop Me
This another one of the better joints on here. This one is kind of short for me though, he could've kept going in on here. Beat is pretty great too, I think this one had alot more potential than that was showed on here. 3.5/5

Beats - 3/5
Lyrics - 2.5/5
Overall - 2.5/5

I was expecting way more out of this one. The guest spots mad this album look like it was going to be crazy and the lead single (Even though lyrics were alright) was pretty tight. I threw on the album only to be letdown. Damn it. Lyrically this was average, some of the stuff I heard on here was ehhh. Beats were average too. This was one of the main reasons I've stayed away from Dom Pachino albums in the first place. If you pop in Domination then pop in The Arsenal you can hear the difference, even though that album still managed to be good, I bought the Team Napalm album and that was ehhh, so I took a break and I decided to by this one only to damn. It's all good maybe next album. This is pretty Mediocre. ****Overall 2.5/5****

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