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Default I kung-fu samples

The Cilva samples from "I"

1. "Shoalin's the foundation from which all kung-fu springs. Reverend. Give me another chance. Mister. We can't just execept students on their own say so. Reverend. Please make an exception. We must wait. I can't make the decision myself. Than who can make it? The Abbot I'll talk to him. The abbot is resting. You can't disturb him. I've traveled a long way to come here. I am not going back. I'll see the Abbot!"-Invincible Pole Fighter

2. "Good. Wu-Tang martial expert."-Ten Tigers From Kwangtung

3. "They say he's a swordsman. To me it seems he can't use a sword."-Kid with the Golden Arms

4. "Your swords good. I admit."-Kid with the Golden Arms

5. "Huh... If you should loose it your finished."-Kid with the Golden Arms

6. "His technique was perfect."-Kid with the Golden Arms

7."...8 rounds of combat"-unknown film

8. "Don't mention that. We've never learned each other's style. That's always the way we've done it."-Executioners from Shaolin

9. "When this ring appears again in the future, it'll be your death."-5 Element Ninjas

That's it! I'll have to find sample #7.

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