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been a while since i posted on here
i called the TITANS a fluke and well sorry Tenessee fans... i was completely wrong. Yet they still wont win the superbowl theyll flop. Dallas COWBOYS still my candidate for the superbowl in the nfc now the afc is a bit harder to predict but it looks like a showdown between the STEELERS and the COLTS..

and I didnt think id be saying this this season but the fins have a GREAT chance of making the playoffs. We play BILLS hopefully without Edwards, shitty 49ERS,
The Colts will easily win their WILD CARD position by busting a nut on the LIONS like everyone else has been doing, destroying BENGALS and finishing out by barely beating the Jags and wooping a TITANS team who will by that last game have absolutely no starters playing.

The other team the RAVENS in a position for a wildcard position has to play the REDSKINS COWBOYS STEELERS and will most likely finish 8-8 or 9-7 depending on that JAGS game.

so besides the COLTS making that one spot the other WILDCARD is going to the FINS or the PATS which both have pretty easy remaining schedules except that one JETS game for the FINS at the end (which may also have a lot of starers on the bench) and that one CARDINALS game the PATS have. by week 16 both teams should be coming in with 9-5 records from the look of their schedule before either team plays the CARDS or JETS.

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