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Default Re: Old Days

Damn... lets take a trip down a memory lane

- I remember beefing with a lot of people. In the end, I was cool with them coz I was only half serious. However, Zigzag was pretty sore afterwards. When I said his cool daddy shit was wack and some members agreed, he flipped out and became Gazgiz or some shit

- Sam used to make 300 posts a day, easily. I remember his "competition" with Mayoya to become the "top poster" at WTC. He was probably on 30 000 posts by the time he was banned.

- Trainrobbers always used to talk shit and everytime someone challenges them, Callabah used to say "my mic's broke"...

- Lust Meng used to get shitted on by the whole forum... and he tried to show them he's "down with the hood team" by posting a picture of rock

- Check Two used to take a liking to shitty music and shitty entertainment (countless 80's TV themed posts). Come to think of it, he still does. I think it was JBlaze who said CT creates threads like "Describe WTC members using flower names" or some fruity shit'.

- 09 got banned for calling Sam "names". People took liberty on his BB Gun pointing picture

- People thought Mark and Jordi was close but Mark lived in a "village", somewhere different to Jordi... who actually went to same college with JetSet.

- Cno was made to do a Global Announcement apology after posting "wishful thinking" news items.

- Benny always hacking into the forum using different IP address and posting some random shit.

- 2XB pretended to be an "Administrator" and got banned forever

- Crispy used to hate Jordi coz Jordi once exposed him using the Graveyard Shifter account to back up his own jokes like "LMAO" and shit. Afterwards, Crispy slowly started using both accounts to get rid of this "sour" history and also because he was tired of mad people telling him to "get a life" coz he had too much posts.

- Daviddadude was really honest about his favourite pastime of "making love" to his right hand. E.g. "I just gave myself a hj".

- 36 Chambers posted a lot but he hardly started a thread coz he was unoriginal also not funny... And he used to beef with BigBen and when he found out that Ben is an "adult" he pussied the fuck out.

- Noel is GOAT

- Vagina Finda used to always post in a most articulate ways.


I'll add some more if I'm bothered...
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