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ElusiveFugitive grasshopper

rigged cards dealt from the bottom, humanity’s forgotten
what’s ill-gotten is king, skies white hot as we droppin’
done this far to long for you to stop ‘em…
gorge on old carcasses, piles of filth long-gone rotten

son’s & daughters are killed for our blunders
as if nobody cares who remains from our number,
at times I get irate as I wonder…
how paradise got turned into wastelands while we slumbered
our most precious of treasures are plundered
my heart’s cry rips the fabric of heaven asunder
I strike fiercer than lightning & thunder
lock our gaze eye to eye as our soul’s are dragged under…

'Sup Queen. Its been to long ma - As always you're inspiring. Keep the ink flowin'

One Love
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