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Default Obama's Economic Plan To Rebuild America: What Can You Add To It?

Barak Obama's economic plan to rebuild America is a very strong and workable plan.

It includes rebuilding roads, schools, developing broadband, modernizing schools, developing the economy from the BOTTOM TO THE TOP ( meaning, using the talent of the common people and their industriousness to invent, create and expand the creation of businesses).

That has been the main road that industry, business and commerce has taken in the Black community since the 17th century when Black Pilgrims and others in the North, and later in the South established a number of businesses from ship-building to blacksmithing to farming to metalwork.

Yet today, in this time Black America and America in general needs an economic plan that will help to make America and Americans thrive.

See the link below



'Susu Economics,"

"Susu and Susunomics,"
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