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Originally Posted by J-ezzy View Post
As High As Wu Tang Get

Yo, too many songs, weak rhymes that's mad long
Make it brief Son, half short and twice strong
No doubt, it took time searchin, eventually
it was prime urgent, for you to examine the rhyme merchant
Lace MC's with styles when they rhyme drunk
On a label hunt, until twenty thou, out the trunk
Eight Diagram sword swinga armored tank force
RZA throw in the disc but then change the bank source
You can't flow, must be the speech impediment
You got lost off the snare off Impeach the President
Whether in Amsterdam smokin seven grams of green
then you pack, a thousand white teens in tight jeans
This Witty Unpredictable shot is critical
to analytical analogy, insurance policies why
Said he know that sounds define the note
Couldn't recognize, blast him the fuck behind the ropes
Too many dope niggaz I see starvin
Catch a single deal, a possible plea bargain
Wu slay regardless to whom or what, five mics five nights
Hang him from the balcony, drop him twenty-five flights
A fugitive bass playin rap czar
smoke the cigars, his prints on the strings of his guitar

One of the best

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