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Originally Posted by Tonystarks420 View Post
where the leaf fans at???

i know im gunna get criticized for that but w.e...Im tellin ya there gunna be the team to beat in 5 years. Ive been a die hard leaf fan since the age of 7 and ive seen it all. New Coach, New GM, shit load of new players. they just gotta start buildin their team now.

and hell they aint even doin that bad id say.

who remembers the days of Wendel And Gilmour.........those were the days....
Been a Blackhawks fan since I was a kid so I've been groomed to hate the Leafs.

I've watched the team suck balls for many years so it's nice to see they are having a good season and are actually fun to watch again. I loved watching them put up 9 goals against the Oilers last night.
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