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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread ( Please Sticky )

Originally Posted by blackwisdom
How can a woman containing en-richened melanin eyes
Become so brainwashed and Europeanized
Iím mesmerized at how much the zombie effect has spread
My people walk these streets, mostly, spiritually dead
I dread talking to my peeps about mind elevation
Because it becomes such a one sided conversation
With no knowledge shared, cause itís just me schooling
But they ainít listening so who am I fooling
They think it sounds cool and yeah he reads lots of books
But Iím viewed as thief when only as a child I was a crook
Stealing comic books and candy trying to live the american dream
When in actuality Africa should always be my only theme
We played war as children instead of building a nation
With parents absent, working, we tuned into our tell-lie-vision stations
To replace the love and care, thatís why we blast up our music
To rock us to sleep, without the rhythm I would loose it
But I just vibe and try to assist others to thrive only to get hurt
Living the life that I lead will always require ample work
But Iím willing to die for what I believe and give you my life
So never tell me that what Iím striving for isnít right
When all I want is the jewels and to shed a bit of light
All I ask is that my Creator assists me to shine like a pipe
Blowing ďawayĒ the fog of the lies that have been accepted as the truth
When I pass I pray that people will remember me for loving the youth

You know I gots ta keep it "Dae" lol ... I will, in time, drop some feed on all these beautiful jewels, but I thought I would start with this one first. Black this piece was on some minds eye elevation, no doubt. You always come across to me as a warrior, always fighting for truth and righteousness. You and your words always leave me with a strong, deep feeing of pride. Keep ringing the bells of truth my brother, and I will stay forever rocking.

Peace and One Luv

I sew...
beautiful seeds that sprout flowers thatís deeply rooted
your weak style-diluted with concepts thatís so polluted
my words flourish, creating jewels the conscious will cherish ...

-- Dae Ja Nae

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