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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread ( Please Sticky )

Originally Posted by james
Scarred (hood Life)

Thought you were set free, unaware slaves controlled by tha powers that be watchin' me
Dollar signs tha god of society, it imprisons us mentally
eyes see materials as the way out, don't you know fads play out
Sometimes i stay out on tha block, watching the seeds runnin' their mouths
About the money, hoes, and cars their so far from reality
Next month i read about one of them in the obituary
It scars me to think our seeds are becoming extinct
Gone in tha blink of an eye, why? Theyv'e been fed lies
No matter how hard i try some seem impossible to reach
With no fathers to teach them the trials of manhood
They end up down, and out up to no damn good
in the hood it seems to be positive is to be soft
Our babies are lost lookin' for love theyv'e never received
The same tainted theme, so they indulge in pussy, liquior, and weed
A high to overcome the depression, a role model's what they need
Claiming a street they don't own, in out of jail until theyr'e gone
Mothers mourn then move on, i tell em' stay strong
How long will the seeds suffer and nothings being done
To fix this crisis poverty's paradise we stuck in tha slums
Every night justs gets worse, another casket in tha dirt
I work to make ends meet and to provide for my family
and live out the path allah has planned for me
Raw truth my brotha ... raw truth. I share your vision homie. This reads like it could have come from me. We are all so quick to turn a blind eye to all that is truly meaningful in this life, being foolishly mislead by all the materialistic bullshit that is laid before us. It saddens me greatly, to say the least, to know that we as a people have fallen victim to such a corrupt society ... maybe one day we'll all rise above.

Who knows ...........


I sew...
beautiful seeds that sprout flowers thatís deeply rooted
your weak style-diluted with concepts thatís so polluted
my words flourish, creating jewels the conscious will cherish ...

-- Dae Ja Nae

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