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Prince Rai
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This is my speech for both the "Know The Ledge" and "Heavy Mental" Awards

Peace and Blessings,

"Know the ledge to where your heart is" and let it be seeded there and grow
consistently in order for each and every individual to live life righteously.

I would like to say thank you to all those who thought i was worthy for nomination,
and then go a step further to vote for me to win both
"KTL" and "Heavy Mental" awards.

I want to pay tribute to the other heads in KTL who make KTL a fruitful place
and also ran for the titles of KTL and Heavy Mental.
My titles is shared with ya'll because knowledge has no unique human holder,
the holder of these titles is shared by all who contribute.

People may not always agree with what I say and believe, but those who remain
absent from the realms of ignorance and arrogance will know that knowledge is born
through productive agreements and disagreements.

Peace again and hope ya'll have a good new year!!

Prince Rai