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Originally Posted by ThaShaolinAssassin View Post
why yes, yes i have had sexual intercourse with women.

i enjoy everything a straight man would enjoy, i pull hair, spank, and enjoy slutty scumbag acting women with no dignity whatsoever during sex. I will eat pussy if your exceptionally attractive and clean but only then but never get asked to eat pussy or pressured cause my dick is massive. I would make an exception if you plunged my face into it forcefully and suffocated me with your vagina. I also enjoy filthy, obscene talk. I also enjoy tonguey kissing during sex and sucking womens necks. Squirting preferable, but obviously not mandatory and i enjoy having my back scratched after whilst being sat on by your wet impaled vagina.

TSA you're cool and everything...kind of...but i don't like this weird shit like talking dirty and squirting talk like you're kind of a freak or got some freak in why are you so shocked at what other people are into...note: my bootyhole is completly off limits....but people like what people like u kno...

and what is a slutty scumbag woman with no dignity during sex? what is that?

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