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Originally Posted by minibumpsh View Post
ms rza is actually the lamest bitch ever. yeah girl youre fucking hyped up by dudes on here and the sad thing is you enjoy it. youre not pretty, i think youre actually the opposite. not to mention you look trashy and cheap as fuck. you look like you get all your clothes from the cheapest store at the mall and wow like im sorry not to brag, but in real life, i am far better than you. youre not the queen. wtf? the queen of wu forums hahahaa ur life is pathetic.
Mini, this looks like you wrote it about yourself, no offence, i seen pics of both of you, and niether of you are that good lookin, BUT, i'd put it in both yer asses, mouths, nut on both ya faces, videotape you both, fuck you both outside in public.....but i'd only take one of you home to meet the parents........which one ??
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