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Originally Posted by Blackula View Post
what does it matter if i have a dick or not .. i'm the one recieving it.
exactly, women get fucked with strap-ons all the time, anally or vaginally, so its no big deal, if the question was directed at women there'd be no point to the thread, but the whole threads been about MEN getting bumfucked with a foreign object.....the faggots have been tryna justify it as hetero because its a woman, the MEN have been against it because anything going in a mans bumhole is complete faggotry.......

which is the reason you dont count, because you have a dick, its no big deal if a woman get buttfucked & with a strap-on, you already claimed to be lesbian so its no shock that you'd fuck MsRza.......not meanin to exclude you or anything...
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