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Iím Calm As The Raging Sea
The Raven That Hovers Above But One You Will Never See
Intriguing Yet Captivating Yet Hollow Yet A Script The 666
Vicious Tenacious Tender As Blood
Many Men Have Seen Me
But None Will Ever Live To Tell The Story
Is It Because I Hover Up Above
Or Is It Because I Have One Solem Cause
A Pratice Ive Woven Over Time
A Sloath You Wait Throughout The Day To Refer To As Night
A Ppractice Ive Matstered Over Time
Who May Claim Better
Only The Islams Have Come Close
Globaly Praying As One
At 3 Six 9 And Twelve
To Pray For Forgiveness And A Cleansal Of Sins
My Retrobution
Ive Never Taken A Soul In Prayer
Many Claim Innocence Is An Expansion Of Life
I Beg To Differ
My Cause Expands From A Death Clause
When Yo Time Has Come Yo Spirit W Ill Depart As One
May He Who Has Not Sinned
Cast The First Stone
Thatís Why Noone Will Ever Pelt M
From Ye Pope To The Catholic Nuns
Laughing Irritably To Cause Grivious Mind Sedation
The Grim Reaper
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