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Originally Posted by whitey
kool keith definatly is a sick rapper. whoever talked about his beat selection is right though, a lot of his shit coulda been a lot better if he had better production (dr.octagon perfect example, good producers+kool keith on the mic=sick album). none the less keith is definalty up there no doubt about it.

but doom is tops in the game right now (not commerical/selling wise...that doesnt mean shit) doom is just on some shit that no one else is even touching right now. kids call him boring or snooze shit or something, but thats garbage. go drink your crunk juice and get in the club if you want that type of shit.

dooms finally starting to get the recognition he deserves, and now the doom haters are all coming out of no where. you just cant hate on him. illest most creative shit going on.
*completely agrees*

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